As I write, I can hear Brooce powering up on the Pyramid stage but away from the mud, the drunken louts and the leaden indie rock lies a beautiful place. I glimpsed it yesterday when we popped in to the Green Fields to find a friend who runs a tent in the healing field but today I got the whole thing.


I was gonna blog at lunchtime but today I got lost. And it was wonderful. Beyond the Pyramid, Other Stage and the Dance Arena you can find the Green Fields and the Park Stage. Emily Eavis has been running the Park area as a proving ground to take over from her Dad. Or so goes the theory. If the theory's true then she has passed the test with flying colours. The Park is a world away from the fucking mess that the main arenas have become.


There's nice food and all sorts of entertainment. At the Big Easy Jam you can wander in off the street, grab an instrument and play along - no talent necessary. There was comedy hip hop, Radio 1's new talent stage and the most fantastic wannabe hillbilly band this side of Tulsa...or wherever hillbillies come from. All that's before you get to the main stage which is a diverse delight with highlights this weekend ranging from Animal Collective to Horace Andy.


Given the lack of through traffic you can even take off your wellies and wander around barefoot. All this and beautiful views out over the whole site.


Taking a stroll back through the Green Fields and in to the hippies' inner sanctum, you can truly cool down among water features, masseurs and all manner of weird shit. I really was worrying that Glastonbury had lost it but all it needs is a little exploration.


Musical highlight of the day? The Boss may be on the main stage but the King of Africa is playing the Jazz World Stage and never have you heard a funkier noise than the African trance dance of Baaba Maal. Some truly freaky dancing was done by all and sundry.