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Interview: Nova Festival's Katrina Larkin

April 05, 2012 991Views

Nova Festival has announced it’s second wave of artists to play at Bignor Park this summer. Acts set to play include Jessie Ware, Fink, Fionn Regan, Psychemagik, Duffstep, Soul Jazz Sounds and Mixmaster Morris.

They will be joining Ghostpoet, tUnEyArDs, Norman Jay, Crazy P and Krystal Klear as well as a host of creative collaborations, including Rankin and Damian Hirst’s ‘Myths, Monsters and Legends' exhibition.

This Festival Feeling managed to catch up with Katrina Larkin; co-founder of the newest festival on the block, Nova Festival. Created by Katrina and Victoria Burns - the ladies behind The Big Chill – Nova festival promises to be about more than just great music. As well as the usual, expect to find a playground full of interactive art, good food and great drink, immersive theatre and literature...

You’ve co-founded Nova festival along with Victoria [Burns – creative producer of Nova] – so many people wish they could organise their own festival… we want to know, is it as easy and as fun as it sounds?

There are certainly many perks to the job, it is very different but it’s also very tough. 2012 is a busy year, there are so many festivals going on as well as the Olympics, of course. Due to this we’ve had to start pre-planning a lot earlier.

So how did the festival come about and what does “Nova” stand for?

“Nova” means “new” and although there are certainly some elements of The Big Chill there, it’s something different, a reinvention if you like. As well as music we’ve got interactive art, immersive theatre and literature. There’s a new spirit, a new ethos with Nova; we’re hoping that with everything being so interactive we’ll be bringing people together.

We know it must be hard to choose, but which acts are you most excited to see?

Oh it’s too hard to just choose one! To be honest I’m excited for it all, when that first pint is served, when the first life drawing is being done, when the first light comes on – it’s such a magical feeling! You work so hard all year for this one weekend, so I’m looking forward to the whole thing.

Wow! Life drawing, this is certainly a music festival with a new twist! What other unique aspects of the festival can we expect?

You can expect a cross-section of arts, good food, a fantastic ambiance and a real sense of community spirit. Get ready to have a whisky around the campfire and for Sir Norman Jay to play one of his legendary Sunday afternoon sunshine sets. We’re going to have a Burlesque night for blokes only and on top of all that, we’ve even got hot showers and our very own pub, the Nova Arms!

A pub at a festival? Fantastic! What kind of grub can we expect?

Well, aside from the pub there’ll be a Pie Tavern and there’ll also be cookery lessons going on; Nova Festival is about ‘making’ as much as ‘spectating’. There’ll be plenty of communal dining areas for everyone to get together and eat together.

So we’ve got hot showers, a pie tavern and a pub… what made you decide to move away from the stereotypical rough’n’tumble muddy festival?

I’ve been working with Victoria for many years now and we just wanted to create something small and manageable but above all something that we were truly passionate about. The festival isn’t all dedicated solely to music; other aspects of art will be just as valued. It was always in our hearts to create something like “Nova” – the focus was always to be on big ideas with little details.

It all sounds great! When it all comes to an end, what kind of memories do you hope people will take away from Nova?

We hope that not only will people take away fantastic memories from Nova, but also new friends. The festival truly is open to all and we hope it’s the great atmosphere and ambiance that will be remembered and talked about.

Finally, we want to know what your festival feeling is, that is, what is the best thing about running a festival?

Doing the job that I do, I get to work with some of the most exciting and creative people in my industry, people that I’ve worked with for years and continue to work with. I guess my festival feeling would be that incredible sense of excitement at seeing all your work come together for one magical weekend!

For full details of the weekends events along with ticket details and pricing head to the official site:

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